A Village Affair – Sujith & Hillary

  As wedding planners, we get invited to all sorts of weddings – the grand, the opulent, the fun and the quirky, the list is endless. But this summer, we got to be a part of a wedding which was nothing but full of love and warmth. Our bride, Hillary, travelled across the globe to marry the man of her dreams in a simple temple wedding ceremony in a small town called Aranmula in Kerala. We tailor-made this wedding to reflect the honesty and simplicity in their personalities as well as their relationship. The wedding also brought together two families […]

Why Kerala is a dream destination for weddings

  Looking to get hitched at an exotic location? Look no further.  Kerala, known as one of the “10 paradises of the world” by National Geographic Traveler is the place for you. This tiny strip of green land sandwiched between the beautiful Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea is a hotbed of Asian tourism. The exclusive experiences this Southern Indian state offers, is a lifetime experience for travelers. Here, we’ll tell you why you should head to Kerala as a dream destination wedding Kerala offers a life-time experience for couples Kerala is preferred when beach or backwater becomes the wedding […]

How To Manage Wedding Stress

A wedding is ideally a dreamy and elegant affair where glasses clink towards happiness, sparkling guests greet and meet and you dance away under the shining limelight with your better-half, all in the haze of love. But of course, this is only the ideal image of the wedding! What goes underneath all the planning for this mega event is sure to burn anybody out! So, if you are the bride or groom, wedding stress should come as no surprise to you!   Why does wedding stress happen? In Indian weddings, so many factors such as numerous pre-wedding traditions, people factors, […]

Traditional Hindu Wedding Decor

A Hindu wedding is a celebration of rituals and traditions. Hence, it is mandatory to have certain elements such as the thalam platters on the mandap. Let’s see how some non-ritualistic items can lend a complete traditional feel to your wedding function without the hassle of elaborate arrangements. Hindu wedding decor ideas Using tender coconut leaves: Tender coconut leaves find their way into the celebrations of many South Indian weddings and social events such as church and temple festivals. These green shoots can line walkways or hang in tussles from the mandap ceiling. They can even be recreated to mimic […]

Technology for the tech-savvy bride

When technology was invented to make life easier, why not use it effectively to plan the biggest event of your life? – Your wedding! Wedding planning apps Plan the entire wedding ceremony with handy wedding planner applications available for iOS and androids. These wedding planning assistants can send you reminders, provide storages spaces for ideas (for all those long Pinterest pins!), manage checklists, bookings, vendor details and guest lists. They often have the option to send e-invites also. These apps can list the tasks you have pending before the big day, share your ideas and timelines with your spouse and […]

Kerala Souvenirs – From The Heart Of The Malayalee

Shopping for authentic Kerala souvenirs to gift your friends and family? Let Tamarind give you some ideas regarding what you could buy! Kerala souvenirs or gift items native to the state Kasavu sari: Silk (kasavu) adorned saris suit every woman at every age and with any complexion. The crisp whiteness along with silky golden border gives another worldly appeal to the lady wearing it. Authentic silk looms from mills are pricey, but often worthy investments. Nowadays, kasavu products are designed to suit tastes of working women and teenagers. Since kasavu is always in fashion, men have had their own share […]

Delightful Celebrations by Tamarind Weddings – Making every day special

Tamarind Weddings believes that celebrations can occur anywhere anytime. We had the opportunity to rekindle the flames of a beautiful British couple on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Stuart and Sandra chose to vacation in India in March this year. Their vacation dates coincided with their 51st wedding anniversary and Sandra’s 70th birthday. So, to honor this couple who had spent more than half their life together, their daughter Stephanie and Stuart’s brother Ian Mason teamed up with us. They briefed us on their idea for a live event to resanctify Stuart’s and Sandra’s vows and love for each other. […]

Honeymoon Checklist – What To Know When Visiting A Foreign Country

After a bustling wedding, filled with festive celebration, every couple needs to relax and get away on an unforgettable honeymoon. Let your wedding bliss translate into fond memories in this quality time you both spend together. If you are travelling abroad for the first time, planning a honeymoon might be a challenge. Consult with couples or friends who have visited foreign countries to gauge a fair idea about the place, cuisine, transport facilities and laws. A travel agent can also help you aplenty. If you are a frequent traveller, you may already be familiar with many procedures related to foreign […]

World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cakes

Designer Wedding Cakes Designer wedding cakes are just a fabulous way of saying that you’re having a grand party at your wedding. Cakes with diamonds and gems, gold-plated icing, rare varieties of cocoa and preserves, even some outlined with platinum chains and pendants; Wedding cakes can go to any level in terms of flamboyance and style. Tamarind Weddings showcases some of the world’s favorite and most celebrated wedding cakes:   Designer Engagement Cake by Debbie Wingham – $75 million Created by: Debbie Wingham What’s special: Inspired by a fashion runway, this 450 kilo engagement cake has a 5.2 carat pink […]

A Special Message to Parents

Weddings bring up those treasured memories of your son or daughter’s childhood in the most heart-warming way. But with the pain of loss comes the hope for a bright future. A wedding also brings together a family like never before. The hidden wedding planners within our family arise to complete brilliance when the occasion comes around! Also, relatives from far-off places fly in to join in the joyous celebrations. The dreams of a new life awake in your child from the time of the wedding, making it a most cherished memory. A child is born with certain innate gifts. They […]