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Website and Social Media
Website and Social Media

The wedding planners at Tamarind Weddings know that the web space is turning into a major interface for couples who are planning their wedding. For the same, our web specialists can design, what we call, a custom-made wedding website for the couple where in the couple can post information and details about their wedding. Such a wedding website would be managed by the wedding planner with customized information from the couple.

wedding website information can cover details such as :

  • Couple Information.
  • Online Invitation.
  • Guest Book.
  • Engagement and other photographs.
  • Venue Details.
  • Live Streaming Options

The main advantage of having a wedding website is that it can be a comprehensive interface for couples who are based abroad and who have guests flying in from various places. A wedding website can also give a personalized feel to the guests and will give them a chance to know the couple more closely.

Here is a snapshot of a wedding website that Tamarind Weddings did :

wedding websites

E-invites and Social-Media Presence

Our wedding planners also undertake the designing of e-invites on the wedding website or on a separate page as a whole. We can also write blog entries, mini-advertorials and design other creative wedding communication for your big day!

On social media, Facebook pages can be floated for the couple, giving details about them. Here is a sample social media page for our client

Social Media Page

Live Streaming through the wedding website!

Our wedding planners also have ‘live streaming’ facility whereby we will showcase your wedding ‘LIVE’ on the wedding website. This makes it possible for the people who live in far off places to be a part of your wedding – without being physically present.

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