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Responsible Wedding Planning
Responsible Wedding Planning

Wedding planners at Tamarind Weddings have immense respect for Mother Nature. We do our best to make efficient use of all natural resources and to limit our carbon foot print for each event. Our zeal and effort is bound only by our client’s willingness to be part of this mission.

Tamarind wedding suggests the following steps for an eco-friendly wedding -

Opt for a venue that has plenty of natural light and is well ventilated. If weather permits, choose an outdoor venue. A party on the lawns after sunset has a charm all its own. This will reduce one’s dependence on air conditioners and extra fans.

Pick organic, reusable material wherever possible. Avoid plastic as far as possible. At Tamarind, we promote the use of materials such as cane, jute, cotton etc.

Tamarind Weddings suggest using recycled paper for wedding invites, tent cards, RSVPs and other stationery. In today’s world, E-cards can be substituted for traditional paper invites thus conserving our forests.

Our wedding planners take great pride in planning events systematically and thoroughly so that there is minimal wastage of resources. Environment friendly technology is used wherever possible. Green energy is encouraged, use of generators and such are limited to a bare minimum.

By limiting the number of guests, you not only ensure an intimate celebration, but also help conserve resources like water, power etc.

Wedding planners at Tamarind, often call the client’s attention to simple things like using a single plate per guest per meal. This not just curbs the food bill, but also helps to conserve water, electricity and man hours.

We understand that each event does consume energy and a multitude of resources. To offset this, Tamarind Weddings gifts the wedding couple and their guests tree saplings on the wedding day. It can either be planted on the day of the event or taken home.

Tamarind Weddings believes in the adage – drop by drop makes an ocean. We are doing our bit to ensure that our Earth is a beautiful place to live in for generations to come.

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