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Bride’s Guide to Wedding Flowers..!

“Your wedding is in bloom, like the garden in Spring! Cheering blossoms and water lilies, welcoming new life with their ever-lasting fragrance….” Flowers bring joy to any occasion. At a wedding, flowers are used to adorn everything present at the event! – From designs on table spreads to the intricate carvings on the furniture to silk prints on the wedding gown to real displays on the main stage! Picking the best flowers for the wedding celebration require a particular aesthetic skill to match the theme, mood and ambience of the event. While choosing the right flowers is important, it is […]

10 Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting The Wedding Venue!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You expect a fairy tale beginning for your relationship and strive to create the same on your big day. This magical event is to culminate on a platform filled with loving friends and family. The platform or venue is of prime importance on the wedding day, mainly because it is the wedding venue which gives the wedding its completeness. Wedding venues can range from various types of settings – from grand hotels to historic places and country houses to breezy outdoor locations such as courtyards, sandy stretches of […]

Why have a Wedding Planner?

Why have a Wedding Planner ? The wedding checklist is long and trailing off your table. Your eyes widen as you go over the to-do list and you sigh, visualizing the exhaustion you will face on the days before the wedding. Is this how you visualized your perfect day to be? No, right? Solution: Hire a Wedding Planner! A wedding planner is a professional who takes up the entire planning, coordination and execution of the wedding. Wedding planners know the wedding industry well and can suggest easy options for the to-be married couple.   Why have a Wedding Planner at […]

The Great Indian Wedding.

The Great Indian Wedding. God has created man and woman to live in harmony, their existence interwoven with fruits of joy by the commitment called ‘marriage’. He bestowed His highest blessing upon them by giving them a life together, forever. ‘Wedding’ is a word which arouses a multitude of emotions in an individual. It symbolizes commitment, truth, dreams, parting, but most of all, a sense of ultimate happiness. For the bride, it is a life anew – with a man by her side, to give her strength and courage. For the bridegroom, it is a new chapter – with a […]