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A picture is worth a thousand words, and on your wedding day, you would want your pictures to say your entire story. Wedding photography is all about saying this story through the lens!

Wedding photography is an art. The artist views the wedding as a canvas of opportunities! With the click of his camera, he creates photographic memories of a lifetime! They say the perfect photographer can bring out the beauty in any situation. Particularly in wedding photography, the photographer has a prime role in enhancing the stills and images created at the wedding.

Wedding photography has progressed considerably from how it was in the earlier generation. And by that means, it is not just the way the camera has evolved, but by the way photographers conceive weddings. In olden days, wedding photography was restricted to a few classic photos at the church or mandhap, focusing on the ceremonial aspects of the wedding. Took through your parent’s wedding photographs and you can see the repeated ceremony poses and other clichés such as fake expressions and strained smiles!

The present trend in wedding photography is ‘Candid Wedding Photography’! Candid photography is an art form in itself! Breaking the lines of traditional photography, candid wedding photography consists of clicking random pictures at a seemingly boring ceremony and transforming them into something beyond beautiful! You have these photographers sneaking around the wedding, clicking without anybody else’s knowledge, capturing a vast array of emotions and insights. In the end, you will be surprised to know how many special moments went unnoticed during your wedding day!

Candid wedding photography may not necessarily cover all the traditional aspects of the wedding. It is prudent to specifically mention to them if you are expecting a few sure shot photographs of a particular event during the wedding.

The next trend that has caught the wedding photography industry on fire is ‘Wedding Photojournalism’! This type of wedding photography has come about rather recently in the wedding industry. Wedding Photojournalism consists of documenting the entire wedding as a series of photographs consisting of main highlights only. These type of photographers may take fewer photos when compared to other wedding photographers but will give you photos which focus on simplicity and order. Wedding photojournalism is also known as reportage wedding photography or documentary-style wedding photography.

Each wedding photographer has his own style of expression. The photographic eye captures much more than the ordinary at every wedding and it is important that the wedding hosts give them their own space to create outstanding pictures. While some of them may use photo-enhancement techniques to create great pictures, most wedding photographers are genuine in their approach. The client is free to let these wedding photographers know their preferences in cases of image makeovers.

Time is of the essence in the case of most wedding photographers. The couple may not always be in a position to dictate the exact dates by which they would like to receive the wedding photographs. Each wedding photographer will take his own time to develop and print the photos. The best wedding photos will come only after a patient wait!

Wedding photography may or may not come as a package with extra add-ons. Wedding albums are mostly included in the package. Often, these albums are greatly personalized with quotes and captions. Plus, these wedding coffee table books make neat additions to your living room!

Certain wedding photographers offer instant photographs at the wedding. On-the-spot photo printing usually becomes a hit with children and tiny tots who enjoy posing with laughter and glee in front of the camera. Printing of wedding photos on gifts and favours are also becoming increasingly popular these days for wedding

Live Streaming is a technique where in the entire wedding function is streamed through an online portal LIVE’! This facility gives the advantage of wide reach for the wedding function. Especially if you have relatives abroad who could not make it for the wedding, Live Streaming would be a great bet! Tamarind Weddings provides the facility of Live Streaming for weddings.


Wedding Photography Tips!  

1) The country is never short of photographers! Log on to Google and start searching for good photographers many weeks before the wedding. Most wedding photographers have their own websites which host their previous works. You may browse through their works and decide which photographer reflects your style the most.


2) Travelling will not be a problem for most wedding photographers, so do not let the location restrictions cramp up your wedding photography opportunities!


3) Meet and discuss in detail with the wedding photographer regarding your style and approach. Specify the moments which should not be missed by any cost. The photographer will be thorough on the ceremonial aspects if the wedding, however, if there is a certain relative you are eagerly waiting to receive or a particular personal act that is going to mean a lot for you, do let your wedding photographer know well in advance! Talk about what makes you comfortable and what does not work. Feel free to open up to the wedding photographer and customize the wedding photography package.


4) It is not a crime to ask for the photographer’s previous work. Before finalizing the photographer, look through all this previous wedding photographs. Do check out their website also!


5) You may ask regarding the equipment and camera for further clarity. But you need not worry about the technicals. Usually, every wedding photographer takes his best equipment for the shoot. After all, it is not the camera that creates magic, it is the photographic eye!


6) Finally, the budget and payment terms! While this is completely at your discretion, remember that the best photographers charge the best rates! – And do the best work!


The perfect wedding photos create moments that will last through all eternity. Frame those beautiful and memorable wedding moments with a touch of Tamarind Weddings!

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