Entertainment Options for Kerala Weddings

There is perhaps no greater entertainment than an elaborate Indian wedding. The flamboyance and celebration sometimes start days before event and continues even after it. Kerala weddings are a unique blend of flamboyance and tradition. For destination weddings in the state, there is no dearth of entertainment options. While traditional Kerala weddings have their own charm, you can always incorporate your own ideas for merriment and celebration. You can also avoid the traditional entertainments which Kerala weddings follow. Or do you? You could spice it up with additions of your own. In Kerala, different religions follow their own forms of […]

Bolgatty Palace – The Best Place For Destination Weddings

The new age vogue of destination weddings has taken off quite well in Kerala. Kerala is aptly named as God’s Own Country for its pristine landscape and delicious cuisine. And the state offers many exotic locales for couples planning to tie the knot grandly. Kochi is a very prominent tourist destination in Kerala. The city has everything that can keep a traveller on his feet – backwaters, monuments, culture, heritage, and also, the beautiful sea and beaches. While Kochi is known as the commercial capital of Kerala, the place is also popular for destination weddings. One such sweet spot for […]

How To Choose The Best Food Menu In Kerala For Your Weddings

Food from Kerala has earned a respectable place in the culinary book of the world, especially since it takes the centre stage at most events, big or small. Kerala cuisine is innovative and dynamic. Moving through the 14 districts of the state can give you a variety of dishes that differ in their cooking style, aroma, taste and appearance. Honestly, it will be challenging to pick a favourite! This unique take on delicacies is well witnessed during wedding functions. Be it a Hindu, Christian or Muslim wedding, each would have their traditional and distinct flavours and dishes. Moreover, as you […]

Indo-Western Wear for Grooms

On her wedding, every bride is the most beautiful girl on the planet. With glittering attire matching the gleam of the Sun and a chastity that can put the Moon to shame, somehow grooms never managed to get that attention. Whether to go for a formal western suit or stick to traditional Indian attire? Every groom faces the dilemma… and the answer is far from clear. Here are top ideas on how to pick the perfect Indo-Western wear for men for the wedding. Always start with a tailor and a designer More than the look and the fabric you are […]

East Meets West – Intercultural Wedding

Best ways to plan for an intercultural wedding Marriages are made in heaven. But then, the equations change if you are born in different communities, countries and continents. An intercultural wedding brings in a lot of positives with it. And with the whole package also comes the challenges of sharing traditions. If you are planning an intercultural wedding, here are some quick tips that will help you save time, money and effort: Time the Announcement Formally announcing the wedding is a big challenge. You can choose a special occasion to do it. Plan in advance as to how you wish […]

Bridal Shopping in Kerala

Every girl dreams of her wedding day since her childhood. It is a very special day when she is draped in beautiful silks, wearing the most amazing jewels and becomes the centre of attention. Every girl has a dream wedding in her mind. And the most important aspect of it is what she will wear on her wedding. This calls for some good shopping decisions! In Kerala, saree is still the favorite option for bridal wear. However, brides are also taking an interest towards gowns, cholis and lehengas. There are many excellent boutiques and textile shops in Kerala, catering to […]

The Role of Vintage Cars In Weddings

Wedding Entry – The Role of Vintage Cars and Its History Who wouldn’t love to be Charles and Diana, or William and Kate on their D-Day? These iconic royal couples are symbols of romance and classiness. Couples are on top of the world, and often see themselves as Prince and Princess Charming on their wedding day. And the world too sees them so. Vintage elements have come to wedding celebrations in this same way – to add classiness to the whole event. Why Vintage Cars in Weddings? The word ‘vintage’ is creating a buzz in the wedding scenario. From the […]

Backwater Reveries: Destination Weddings in Kerala – Kumarakom

Why Kumarakom? Tie the knot as you sail calmly through the green waters of placid lakes and rivulets of Kumarakom. Let the chirping of birds and gurgling waters set the backdrop music in between. And let the hissing breeze take your locks as well as fancies in its whirl! Yes, it’s more than a lifetime experience to tie the knot in God’s own country! Kumarakom is a tiny strip of green land with beautiful blue waters of Lake Vembanad surrounding it. Recently, it has become a hot-bed for Asian tourism as well as for destination weddings. The exclusive experience the place offers […]

Wedding Photography – Before And After D-day!

No wedding seems complete without photographs. And the wedding album is a treasured souvenir of that very special day. Thankfully, wedding photography and these time-honored keepsakes are keeping up with the times. Gone are the days of overbearing photographers issuing dictatorial instructions to the all too obliging brides and grooms; of stiffly posed snaps of the wedding party staring half–intimidated into the lens. Today, photographers work with the couple capturing not just the ceremonies but the very essence of the special day. But, what if the fun could begin early? What if the photo-op could continue after the hectic wedding […]

Wedding Gown Trends

Wedding gowns have caught the Indian bride’s fancy and how! The sumptuous, fairy tale wedding gown has moved out of the church aisle and on to the marriage mandaps. What’s more, white, off -white and cream are no longer the only colour options. There are choices galore when it comes to colour, silhouettes, necklines and veils. On the international scene, colour, albeit soft pastel ones, have been slowly making inroads onto the wedding dresses. Blush pinks and genteel greens are no longer restricted to just the bridesmaids’ party. As for the pattern, off-the-shoulder necklines and sheer capes are holding sway […]