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Honeymoon Checklist – What To Know When Visiting A Foreign Country

After a bustling wedding, filled with festive celebration, every couple needs to relax and get away on an unforgettable honeymoon. Let your wedding bliss translate into fond memories in this quality time you both spend together. If you are travelling abroad for the first time, planning a honeymoon might be a challenge. Consult with couples or friends who have visited foreign countries to gauge a fair idea about the place, cuisine, transport facilities and laws. A travel agent can also help you aplenty. If you are a frequent traveller, you may already be familiar with many procedures related to foreign […]

World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cakes

Designer Wedding Cakes Designer wedding cakes are just a fabulous way of saying that you’re having a grand party at your wedding. Cakes with diamonds and gems, gold-plated icing, rare varieties of cocoa and preserves, even some outlined with platinum chains and pendants; Wedding cakes can go to any level in terms of flamboyance and style. Tamarind Weddings showcases some of the world’s favorite and most celebrated wedding cakes:   Designer Engagement Cake by Debbie Wingham – $75 million Created by: Debbie Wingham What’s special: Inspired by a fashion runway, this 450 kilo engagement cake has a 5.2 carat pink […]