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The Multi-Turban Indian Grooms

A veil is a crowning beauty for a bride. A headgear is equally glorifying for a groom. A turban or a headgear plays an important part for the groom and his immediate male relatives. According to original Indian tradition, the entire ensemble of an Indian groom should resemble a king. Maybe this is why Indian grooms dress so elaborately. Indian kings considered their crowns and turbans as symbols of pride and stature. Hence, you cannot overlook the relevance of the turban in Indian wedding dressing. India is a multi-cultural land. Perhaps its these cultures which bring about changes in the […]

Cross-cultural Wedding: How To Plan A Fusion Wedding

A cross-cultural wedding is unique to the core for event managers. These days, a large number of couples are opting for cross-cultural weddings, and its popularity is constantly on the rise. The advantages of organizing a fusion wedding are many. You may require some serious planning to get it done perfectly. Also, the event manager in charge of the event needs a lot of courage and a bit of creativity to pull off a good show. Are you planning a fusion wedding? Our wedding expert shares 6 tips on organizing the wedding from the scratch! Talk to the participants of the […]

5 Unique Indian Wedding Customs

Indian customs are unique in every way. The essence of wedding customs is that they spell auspiciousness and goodwill throughout the ceremony. While specific communities follow certain particular customs, there are many that transcend the boundaries of religion, geography, and even culture. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy these 5 unique Indian wedding customs! Mehendi and Sangeet Mehendi is the earliest known form of body painting. The mehendi ceremony is a ritual that marks the beginning of the wedding season. The bride’s friends, cousins and elderly women apply mehendi paste on the palms, ankles and back of the bride to represent […]

Significance of Betel Leaves and Areca Nuts in Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are filled with numerous ceremonies and rituals that have been followed since time immemorial. Although you find many different customs pervading across the country, some ceremonies and rituals are the same everywhere. One such ritual is the use of betel leaf. The use of betel leaves and areca nuts is a prominent ritual, especially in South India. The use of these two items in weddings dates back to 400BC. Because of its medicinal value, the leaves and nuts have been mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic books. Due to these properties, elders in India and other South Asian countries chew […]