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Choosing The Perfect Bouquet for Your Bridal Attire

Just like choosing the perfect bridal dress, you need to carefully choose the bouquet for your special day too. A bride’s bouquet needs to go with her attire and also, with the fervent mood of the season. When a maze of floral designs and laced sequin arrangements are available today, many ignore this art and choose common bouquet patterns. So what you should do? Choose a bridal bouquet on account of the following factors: Fabric of the attire: Silk, satin, georgette, mixed blends Colour of the attire: White, beige, cream, sandy brown, pink, mauve Design: Full arm, V-neck, off-shoulder, Halter […]

Wedding Ring Tales – Latest Trends & Designs

Whether you are looking for a vintage European engagement ring or a regale contemporary culture-inspired stone setting, there are plenty of options for bridal rings out there. Here are 7 top-end engagement ring designs that will dazzle on any finger, no matter which part of the world you live in. Symmetrical Floral accents With stones set in a series-like petal designs, the floral accent engagement rings are always popular. The blooming design gets their inspiration from the shapes of rose petals and lotus flaps. They are mostly round and curved to complement the metal band. They maybe either single loop […]

The 16 Adornments of an Indian Bride

An Indian bride is the personification of beauty – an ethereal representation of all that’s good and pure. Every bride wants to look perfect for their special day. So, it is natural that she starts planning and visualising every single aspect of her look in immense detail from the very first day. According to tradition, the Indian bride has to carry 16 adornments, known as the Solah Shringar. This is an ancient beauty ritual, and a part of bridal preparation. Weddings celebrate the divinity of a bride as she steps into womanhood. Therefore, the 16 adornments are symbolic representations of the […]

Different Types of Mangalsutra Across India

The Mangalsutra, or the sacred thread, signifies the union of marriage. Hindu culture revers it with great importance. The Mangalsutra has widespread use across the country, in different names and forms. Many Indian states have their own version of the Mangalsutra. As a matter of fact, we believe that the tradition originated in South India and later travelled to the Northern states. ‘Mangal’ means holy and ‘Sutra’ alludes to thread. In its bare form, the Mangalsutra is essentially a yellow thread with black beads strung. The groom ties the thread around his bride’s neck at the moment when they solemnise […]

Fathers and Daughters: The Eternal Bond

A father is every daughter’s first love. And for good reason! Fathers play a significant role in psychological development of their daughters from the moment they are born. A daughter develops a strong sense of self belief if she has a loving and dotting father by her side. Daughters feel the need to have the support of their fathers in their growing up years to develop their personality and feel secure. Moreover, the bond becomes more significant as the daughter approaches the day she would finally get married and go live with her husband. Marriage and Role of Fathers: There […]

Why Haldi Is Applied To Bride And Groom Before Wedding

Haldi or turmeric is an essential commodity of Indian cuisine. The spice also holds a special place in Indian weddings. This is celebrated in a ritual known as the Haldi or Pithi Ceremony. It takes place in both the bride’s and the groom’s homes a few days before the actual wedding. The Haldi Ritual Haldi has a host of health benefits which marks it as an important ingredient in food items, as well as in beauty and skin care. While it adds taste and colour to food, the turmeric paste also enhances glow and fairness and promotes healthy skin. This glow […]

Ever Wondered Why Indian Brides Apply Mehndi?

Have you ever been to a bride-to-be’s home on the eve of the wedding? If you have, then chances are that you would have had a fun-filled night with mehndi and laughter. Indian weddings have a horde of customs and rituals which are both fascinating and fun. And one such custom is the Mehndi Ceremony at the bride’s family. This custom has roots dating back to Vedic times and is among the oldest culturally-significant Indian customs. Simply put, on the wedding eve, the bride’s family members and close friends gather around and apply mehndi on her hands and feet. Nowadays, […]