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Sadhya – The Kerala Wedding Feast Extravaganza

Before you begin reading about sadhya, answer this: “Are you a foodie?” If yes, then you don’t need my help. You would have at least heard about Kerala Sadhya. If you aren’t into food, then may God help you recognize what’s in store for you on the plantain leaf! Take a good look at the variety of dishes placed in front of you. Chances are that you won’t recognize even half of them. Start tasting them anyway, because that’s what the sadhya is all about. Let’s backtrack a little. Indian weddings are always a grand affair, no matter North, South, […]

Plan A Budget Destination Wedding With Ease

Planning a budget destination wedding is not an easy job. If the wedding date is round the corner, and you are yet to zero onto an exotic locale for the D-day celebration, your budget and safety remain the top deals. From planning the travel itinerary to arranging food for the guests, most couples often reconsider their location and bring it close to their comfort zone. More often than not, wedding planners fail to evaluate the approximate cost of a destination wedding. Without delays and compromising on your budget, here are 10 tips to help you plan for a budget destination […]

5 Funny Wedding Vows To Include In Your Wedding Ceremony

Writing down funny wedding vows is not just tricky, but they also face a certain level of resistance from grumpy relatives. Always find new ways to entertain wedding guests without actually giving up on the commitment in life. Here are some inspiring and creative wedding vows which tickled our funny bone! The Celebrity Vow Weddings are set in heaven. And when you involve some good celebrity wedding vows, it makes it all the more magical! Taking a cue from one of the most loved couples in the world, here’s a vow we made practical for you. “Hey Victoria… You are a spice […]

5 Wedding Superstitions In India Explained

Indian weddings are full of electrifying moments, strange rituals and crazy superstitions. While some are mere pleasantries, there are many that Indians believe shield against evils and negativity. Who wants to take a chance with superstitions, especially when there is a marriage in the picture! We make an attempt to decipher the true reasons behind five wedding superstitions that are common in India. Five famous wedding superstitions in Indian ceremonies Superstition 1: Never address your to-be by the name before wedding Whether you are uniting in a love marriage or an arranged one, you just can’t address your spouse by […]

Selfie Corners – Getting Trendy On The Sangeet And Wedding Night

Did you know that people upload close to 300 million pictures everyday across social media sites? And if it is the Indian wedding season, you can expect that number to zoom past the record margins! Recenlty, the concept of selfie corners is doing rounds across major events. If you are planning a pre-wedding sangeet and post-wedding cocktail party, a selfie corner can add colour and vivacity to your event. What is a selfie corner anyway?  Remember those photo studios with enclosed walls and curtains? Yes, they are very much still in vogue.  The “only difference” is that you click your own […]

Environment-friendly Wedding Gift Ideas: Tree Saplings

Wedding Gifts: A Tree which can last a lifetime and more…. “I promise to love you unconditionally, every day and support you with my commitments like an inseparable friend.” – A Wedding Vow What better than turning this promise into something that will outlive you and your partner, and grace many generations to come? It is a great way to echo environment needs by making a friendly gesture towards your loving guests. Yes, the concept of planting tree sapling as gifts on the wedding day is new. But it is catching up rapidly. Trees are gifts to mankind. Unfortunately, the rate of deforestation […]

5 Bollywood Movies For Couples

Bollywood thrives on drama, song and dance! And what better way to incorporate all three than in wedding sequences? If you take count, most Bollywood flicks centre around weddings. That too, dreamy ceremonies with the best musicals, colourful attired and rituals you can dream of! So it is not surprising to find newlyweds hoping for Bollywood-styled weddings, complete with music, dresses and celebrations. There are hordes of wedding-themed films that serve as muse to these would-be’s. Here we list five of them here that are most popular among the youth: Hum Apke Hain Kaun This Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit starrer film […]