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Invite In Style – The Ultimate Wedding Invite Guide

As weddings are becoming the grandest affairs in one’s life, why should the wedding invite be behind? Wedding cards give the first impression about an event, setting the tone for what’s about to come. So their selection becomes utmost important in weddings. A memorable wedding invite is treasured by family members as a memento of the occasion. Couples today have so many innovative ideas regarding invitations. So want to know what’s trending in wedding cards? Let’s have a look then! Strong-rooted Traditions  It is a fact that many Indians still don’t wish to leave traditional elements in wedding invite designs. The age-old trend […]

Bridal Saree: Changing Trends in Wedding Sarees

Someone rightly said, “A saree is a work of art on the Indian bride.” What you wear defines you, especially on your wedding day. A bride gives a great deal of thought into what she would wear on her big day. Saree is the most favorite option for the Indian bride. It is elegant and unique in its own way. This 6-meter wonder yard transforms a woman into a diva. Notably, the trends in bridal sarees are ever changing. However, our style gurus have the right sarees pinned down for you! So, if you are wracking your brains about the […]

10 Strange Wedding Rituals From Around The World

Each country you visit will have a different wedding tradition from yours. Any celebration, most of all, weddings, where ceremonies vary greatly within religion, community and social class, culminates many types of strange rituals. While most weddings are simple affairs involving a small-scale celebration and rituals, with an exchange of vows, some regions practice quite bizarre customs. We have compiled a list of 10 strange wedding rituals found around the world. Crying Ritual of the Tujia People For the Tuija people in China, a celebration of wedding takes place 30 days before the main event. And they prepare for it […]

7 Wedding Bloopers To Watch Out For!

Wedding bloopers are those mistakes you can make when planning the perfect wedding. A wedding event, even though joyful and celebratory, can be a tense affair. But despite all the apprehensions one may have, getting married is actually an easy thing to do. If you have found out the love of your life, then set a date for yourselves and arrange the marriage ceremony, what more could go wrong? Well, there are a lot of things that could go wrong! Wedding bloopers can strike any place, any time! While it may seem as though things are misplaced during your special […]

All About the Vidai Ceremony 

Vidai ceremony is a ceremony native to India. This very special ceremony holds a sentimental place in the hearts of the bride’s family. In Indian marriages, the pre-wedding days are full of activities, friends and family making merry all around. It is a whirlwind of ceremonies, rituals and emotions running high. While on one hand, there is immense joy permeating everyone because of the union of the new couple, there is sweet sorrow on the part of the bride’s family from leaving their daughter to another home. This momentous ceremony is termed as Vidai ceremony, also known as Bidai or Bidaai, […]

What Do The 7 Vows Of Indian Marriage Stand For?

Hindu weddings have a lot of customs and rituals that symbolise a happy married life. The 7 vows exchanged during the wedding ritual represent the seven promises that the bride and groom make to each other. In Hindu weddings, a sacred fire (the symbol of God Agni) is created with wooden sticks and ghee. The couple recites the seven vows around this fire which becomes a witness to the promises. The wedding priest sits beside the fire, chanting Vedic mantras. Amidst this setting, the couple pledges their undying commitment towards each other. The seven vows are also known as Saptapadi  or 7 […]