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The Complete Jewellery Set for a Kerala Hindu Wedding

Photo Courtesy – Malabar Gold Kerala is not only famous for its scenic beauty, but also for the gorgeous bridal jewellery at Hindu weddings. Even though the wedding gets over in a blink of an eye (the ritual only involves tying the thaali), the jewellery lasts generations! The most spectacular aspect of a Keralite bride is the bridal jewellery. In simple words, its an onlookers delight. The more you notice the jewellery, the more its grandeur and exquisiteness intimidates you. No matter how modern a bride is, she never hesitates to adorn herself with the complete set of traditional Kerala wedding […]

Legal Assistance in Weddings

Marriages have many legal implications. To legally marry in India is quite a long process for a foreigner. An Non-Resident Indian (NRI), a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) or a citizen of another country can either marry through a religious or a civil marriage ceremony. Religious Marriage Ceremonies A religious marriage ceremony is usually a legal marriage in India. However, nowadays, registration of marriage is a legal requirement in most states. Additionally, a formal marriage certificate from the Registrar of Marriages is required for visa and immigration purposes. Since India is a land of many religions and cultures, there are laws, […]

Bollywood-Inspired Hairstyles For Your Wedding Day

A would-be bride might be dreaming to style like Aishwarya Rai or Kareena Kapoor on your D-day. You cannot afford exclusive latest lehenga designs by Bollywood designers or exquisite jewellery as worn by Kareena Kapoor on her D-day. But Bollywood-inspired hairstyles are surely something you can adorn with no additional costs. Indian bridal hairstyles are essentially traditional with braids, puffs, buns and side locks. But hairstyles have undergone great and interesting changes today. And it is the Bollywood divas who are setting the trend looking stylish within tradition. So no wonder, many girls try and recreate the hairstyles of their favourite celebrity. […]

15 Important Things To Complete Before The Wedding Day

The date is set and the wedding day is fast approaching. You are nervous, excited and going about with jitters. It’s almost the moment of reckoning and you are sure you have everything reined in nice and proper. But are you sure? There will always be a thread or two left hanging untouched. Being pretty sure of things is not a good way to step into your wedding day. You have to be absolutely certain that everything is in order. So here is a checklist of 15 important things that you may forget to look into. Treat this as a […]

Lehenga Designs for the Sangeet Day

It’s your wedding eve and all your relatives are waiting in the lawn to celebrate the sangeet. So, what are you wearing to your sangeet? It is the last night you spend as a single girl. So, you have to look gorgeous to celebrate the moment. Also, there will be loud music, crazy singing and dancing.  Your dress of choice must be something comfortable as well as elegant; something that would not hinder you from having a fantastic blast. The ideal choice is always a lehenga. The new-age bride loves to break the stereotypes for her wedding attire – be it […]