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Thinking of Wedding Venues in Kerala?

Kerala is a dream destination for many, especially honeymooners. The lush greenery, beautiful backwaters, frothing beaches and misty hill stations attract many to this land. It has even been chosen as one of the 50 places on earth you must visit. God’s Own Country, Kerala, is also the perfect place to celebrate weddings, especially a destination weddings. There are many couples across the world who look for exotic places to plan their wedding and make its memories, even more, colorful. The white sands and calm waters of Kerala with its rich Indian traditions are exactly what would make this dream […]

Save-The-Date Ideas For Some Pre-Wedding Fun

It’s easy to forget that not many people browse through the online wedding archives for some pre-wedding inspiration. Although the number is rising, the population of people who stay in the dark is quite high. Therefore, it’s not surprising that not many people know what a ‘Save-The-Date’ event is. Are you one among those tech-savvy wedding enthusiastic brides familiar with the concept? If not, have no fear, for we are here to bring you up-to-date on what this special event is and what it entitles. What It Is Save-the-date, especially for a destination wedding, is quite an important bit of […]

Wedding Entertainment

Spice up your wedding with something more entertaining than a feast! Though the feast is downright enjoyable, you should consider a larger scale of entertainment for guests who have gathered for the celebration. Perhaps this is because they have travelled so much, you ought to give them a gala time! This post focuses on various entertainment options available to charge up your wedding. Now, Indian weddings are full of rituals that are entertaining themselves, especially when we nit-pick each religious ritual followed across the country. However, other than the oft-emulated ceremonies, there are traditional performances and regional extravaganzas that lend colour […]

Why Should Married Women Change Their Names?

If you intend to marry sometime now or in the future, you would have thought about whether or not to change your second name. A recent survey conducted at a popular state in America suggests that 20% of women love to retain their maiden names even after marriage. And about 10% prefer to go for hyphenated names. Are Indians on the same line? Why is it so difficult for women to change their names? The name is a very vital part of one’s identity. You have identified yourself as a particular person for so long. And changing your name would […]

Neutral Wedding: Trends in Kerala for Destination Weddings

Are you a believer of religious ceremonies, rituals and traditions? Do you follow them ardently? Or are you one among the throngs of people who believe that rituals and ceremonies are not entirely necessary? For some people, religion or rituals is not a necessary criteria for marriage. This is obvious with the rise of neutral weddings in Kerala. Neutral weddings are becoming common among atheists. Atheists believe that matters of the heart do not require the involvement of religious rituals and ceremonies. But if you think such a wedding without the usual fanfare, ceremonial rush and rituals would be bland, […]

Tamarind Weddings

Why Tamarind Weddings? Wondering what the secret behind our name is? Well, Tamarind Weddings is so named because, like its namesake, we provide a rich flavour to a grand ceremony. Tamarind is a tropical fruit which people use used widely in equatorial cuisines such as Indian, Mexican and Thai. In India, especially towards the south, Tamarind is a main ingredient in various dishes and curries. The flavour of Tamarind is potent and elusive, which is quite the character we hope to infuse within our firm. The distinct flavour of Tamarind can go a long way in making a dish tasty. […]

The Art of Mehendi

Indians can never think about brides without mehendi. The bridal mehendi is an age-old Indian tradition and custom. So, if you are ready with the latest lehenga and hairdo for your wedding, then it’s time for this compulsory wedding accessory – mehendi! If you scan the internet for unique designs to match your style, you will encounter lots of trends and styles. Here are some ideas to match your uber trendy looks with your mehendi design: Go unique: With the help of a professional designer, you can get unique patterns on your hands, arms, and even your back. Designs can […]

How About Underwater Wedding Photography?

Modern day weddings strive to create the most spectacular displays. And one aspect where they go all gung-ho is with wedding photography. There is no dearth of innovation when it comes to clicking the newlyweds in the most audacious of settings. And the latest niche in the business is is underwater wedding photography. Being unique in ideas and methods can bring you rich dividends in the form of fame and popularity. But along with that, you need to be fearless and willing to take the plunge! The adventure and element of daring give newlyweds a special thrill in having their wedding day […]

A Guide to Honeymoon in Kerala

First of all, congratulations on stepping into your new life! After all those stressful weeks of prepping and planning for the wedding, you must be exhausted and in want of a much-needed break with your partner. Fear not, for we have lots of ideas to help you unwind in a memorable honeymoon! Kerala is a blooming honeymoon paradise. Kick back and relax in any of the myriads of romantic destinations spread across the state. And this post tells you exactly what to do and where to go to make the most of your moments together. Pick Your Favourite Destination Picking a […]

The Story of Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are tokens of gratitude for guests who attended the event. Despite professional commitments and logistical difficulties, if your guests took time out to bless you, wedding favours are the perfect memento for thanking their gesture. Here are some delightfully unique and unforgettable wedding favours that you can gift your guests: Themed candle holders Themed candle holders symbolize stability in any relationship. The vibrant candle holders are made of glossy glass and shiny metals. The candle holders are engraved with designs using laser and hand-held tools. You can customize the name of the guests on the candle holders. Go […]