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Qualities To Look For In A Wedding Photographer

Choosing a professional wedding photographer is not something that you do every day. Before you embark on this part of your wedding planning, determine qualities that help differentiate between a capable and an amazing wedding photographer. Before hiring a wedding photographer, you have to ensure that your photographer has all the qualities required in a good photography professional. He should be able to capture all the important moments of the wedding such as the smiles, hugs, tears, rituals, guests, etc. 1. Training and Education While it isn’t necessary to have a Master’s degree in photography, there are numerous ways in which […]

Knanaya Wedding Ceremony

The Knanaya wedding ceremony is extremely unique as their customs are very different from other Christian ceremonies. There are basically four main customs in a Knanaya wedding ceremony – the Othukalyanam, Mylanchi Ideel, Chantham Chaarthu, and then, finally the wedding ceremony. Anju and Stephen’s wedding ceremony was the perfect example of a complete Knanaya wedding. Othukalyanam Othukalyanam is the engagement ceremony in Knanaya custom. Anju and Stephen’s Othukalyanam took place at the Sacred Heart Church, followed by the reception at Chaithanya Auditorium, Kottayam on August 5th, 2014. The main ceremony was in the church, presided over by the priest and […]

Wedding Compere and Sample Compere Script

Wedding compering is a growing industry, gaining popularity as each day goes by. A wedding comperer is essential to keep the day running smoothly. Usually, its a relative of the bride or groom does the compering. Newer trends show that couples nowadays prefer a professional wedding comperer for the job, as they have greater experience. Also, they add a dash of glitz and elegance to the function. For high profile weddings, celebrity comperers like Ranjini Haridas transform the event to a whole another level. Below is a sample compere script that can be used for a Christian wedding reception:   […]

Diamond Jewellery for Weddings

  Diamond jewellery has become very popular in the past few years. There was a time when brides wore a lot of gold on their wedding day. But not anymore! Now, the trend is shifting towards diamond, platinum and even silver jewellery. While choosing diamond jewellery, be very careful! Identify good quality diamond by using the 5 C’s. The 5 C’s of a diamond is the key to each diamond’s quality. To establish a diamond’s quality, you must examine each of the 5C’s: Carat Weight, Cut, Colour, Clarity and Certification. It is the overall combination of these that determines the […]