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Bhima Jewels – Gold Shopping Made Easy!

Bhima Jewels is a premier shopping destination for fine jewellery with a stunning collection of gold, gemstones, platinum, silver, and diamond jewellery. The company was founded in Kerala in 1925 at Alappuzha by the late Shri. Bhima Bhattar, and now has a presence in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Bhima Jewels has jewellery for every occasion including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. The jewellery has been the beacon of trust in the jewellery industry in the eyes of its customers, its employees, its vendors, and its community. They value the trust we place in them and are committed […]

Shopping Malls In Kochi And Their Role In Wedding Shopping

Shopping malls play a vital role in the wedding industry nowadays. The pre-wedding shopping was hectic earlier due to the time-consuming routes to each destination along with traffic and grime. But these days, shopping malls have put an end to all these difficulties. Here are some of the shopping malls in Kochi which provide a wide range of wedding requirements for the big day in one place: Lulu International Shopping Mall It is the largest shopping mall in Kerala. In fact, it is the biggest mall in the continent of Asia. It covers 17 acres of land with 1,700,000 sq ft in area. Opened […]

Pranaah by Poornima Indrajith

Pranaah, the first exclusive celebrity designer boutique in Kerala was launched by Poornima Indrajith, the popular celebrity fashionista. Along with showcasing her signature collection, Pranaah also provides a platform for one-on-one interactions on fashion, styling and makeovers. The customers who walk into the boutique always find what they are looking for in the simple and elegant signature collection of clothes. What makes Pranaah different from other boutiques is that each item they sell is unique and one of a kind. They are careful not to repeat any of their dresses and use their own material to create masterpieces. Their dresses […]

Heritage Home Weddings

Heritage home weddings hold a certain fascination for people who visit Kerala. Perhaps its the amount of culture, tradition and fondness to roots and ancestors that we see all around. Such type of heritage home weddings are not just gaining fashion, but also bringing together people from different eras. Have you ever dreamt of having an old fashioned homely wedding? If yes, then you can have your dream wedding with Tamarind Weddings. Heritage home weddings have their own charm as they take us back to our golden age where we had joint family set up. For an event like a […]

Ranjini Haridas – An Exclusive Interview

Ranjini Haridas, as always, is a vibrant and lively anchor, still in her early 30’s. The winner of the Miss Kerala 2000 achieved prominence in Malayalam television in 2007 as the anchor of the reality show “Idea Star Singer” on Asianet. Ranjini Haridas also presented the closing ceremony at the 2010 Keli International Kalamela in Switzerland. Ranjini Haridas made her film debut with a cameo role in China Town, where she appeared as herself, the anchor of Idea Star Singer. In 2013, Ranjini acted in a Malayalam film named ‘Entry’ which was her first film in a lead role. She then signed her second film with internationally acclaimed director Rupesh […]