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Wedding In An Ancestral Property In Kerala

Wedding in an ancestral property has always been a dream for many. Now, such a wedding is possible in Kerala. Wedding in an ancestral property has its own beauty. You can stay in this property and conduct a wedding or an engagement. A traditional ancestral home offers a lot more than just a place to stay and conduct weddings. It has features and components which are unique. The features of an ancestral property are as follows: Padippura It is a structure containing a door forming part of compound wall for the house with a tiled roof on top. It is […]

Things to Note Before You Finalize Your Wedding Organizer!

A wedding organizer or planner helps a bride and groom have the wedding they want. This could mean planning and organizing the whole wedding from start to finish or just sorting out certain aspects of the day. Before you decide on your wedding organizer, you need to know certain facts about them. In a growing industry like wedding planning, it is very easy to fall prey to scams. Here are a few points to remember before you finalize your wedding organizer: Check if Genuine Check if your wedding planner has an official website, a genuine Facebook page and an official […]