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Bonanza 2014

Bonanza 2014 Terms and Conditions for Bonanza 2014 :   Participants should gather new likes. Not existing likes. You will have to message us the names of the friends you have invited. Closing date is 31st December 2013, 11:59 PM.  

Waves of Silk : The Seematti Magic

Every Keralite woman sees herself as a Goddess when she dons the reverent Silk Saree. Seematti pays a golden tribute to the women of Kerala by gifting them rare art works embroidered on six metres of silk : The Kancheepuram Saree. Seematti is considered to be the mother of the blooming silk saree and bridal saree business in Kerala. What started as a small but promising store rose up to the challenge of facing a vibrant and constantly diversifying fashion sector and has today become synonymous with ‘designer bridal wear’ across India – All this, under the guidance of a […]

The Guruvayur Wedding

  Guruvayur is considered to be the epitome of divinity among South Indian Hindus. Guruvayur, locally known as ‘Gurupavanapuri’ is a place of sacred pilgrimage and a holy destination for weddings. With myths and traditions bound to the holy land, Guruvayur’s famous Sree Krishna Temple is the main venue in which Hindu weddings take place.   Sree Krishna Temple, Guruvayur – The Sree Krishna Temple is considered to be the most sacred of spots for marriages and vow renewals. This temple is around 5000 years old and has a holy idol of Lord Krishna, or ‘Guruvayurappan’. In many ways, this temple […]