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The Perfect Wedding Invitation

  The wedding invitation is the first step in the formalization of your wedding. So choose your invitation with due care! Here are some easy tips to guide you on designing the perfect wedding invitation!   Choose the paper for your wedding invitation carefully! Standard brands used for wedding invitation cards are Montblanc (, the Italian Cordenons (, Lenza from Lenzing Papier ( and Munken from Arctic Paper ( Most of the papers used by these brands are 100% recyclable, so you need not worry about excess wastage! Wedding invitation paper textures are: (i)                  Stucco. (ii)                Star Dream. (iii)               Montblanc’s Premium […]

Wedding Games

  Wedding games liven up every wedding party and create a mood of celebration for the loved ones at the wedding. Here are some of the most popular and most played wedding games at Indian weddings! : 1)      The Ring Search : Played predominantly at North Indian sangeets and wedding reception parties, this wedding game revolves around a ring which is immersed into a decorated bowl filled with milk and rose petals. Sand is deposited into the bowl and the ring is carefully stirred in it. The bride and groom are then supposed to dig into the bowl and find […]