Monthly Archives: June 2013

Alice & Anand Wedding

On May 27th, Tamarind Weddings became witness to a wonderful union at the Raviz Resort, Kollam! Alice and Anand pledged their vows to each other on the morning of the 27th and took the first step towards their new life together. Alice sashayed down the aisle in the beautiful white lacy gown, trailing across the church floor, holding the arm of her beloved Anand. Her face shone in happiness as she greeted her friends and family after the ceremony. The wedding mass took place at the peaceful altar of St. Casimir Church at Kollam, followed by a warm and intimate reception at […]

Rangoli – Colours of Joy!

  Rangoli has long been one of the most decorative forms of art work in India. Essentially being made of sandstone or dyed rice flour, this rich art is used extensively throughout the country during festivals to bring colour and life. Mayuri, a Rangoli designer from Kochi, says, “Rangoli designs are conceived with much aesthetic sense. These symbolic designs are handcrafted to perfection by a talented artist’s hand. The peacock and Ganesha are commonly used symbols and are considered auspicious.” During Deepawali time, the women of the house gather together to decorate open spaces with these beautiful designs. Depending on […]