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Wedding Destinations In Kerala

  Kerala is a blooming wedding destination in South India. As more and more foreigners and non-Keralites choose Kerala as a wedding destination, the destination wedding market in the state expands to newer horizons.   Wedding Destinations in Kerala   Wedding Destination 1: Munnar Munnar is one of the most scenic of wedding destinations in the Kerala. Munnar is a beautiful hillstation, shrouded in mist and fog throughout the year. This wedding destination is a tea-growers paradise, offering much to see for the wedding traveller’s eyes. Munnar is apt for country weddings and small intimate-style ceremonies.   Wedding Destination 2: Kovalam […]

Oonjal – A Tamil Iyer Weddings Ritual

Tamil Iyer Weddings are always a treat to the eyes! Theirs is a wedding with many days of celebrations, spreading across many rituals for the couple and their family. A Tamil Iyer wedding promises to be wedding experience that nobody, including the bride, groom, family and guests, will ever forget! A symbolic ritual in Iyer weddings is the ‘Oonjal’. Dating back to the earliest of centuries, the Oonjal has become a part of the Iyer weddings. In the ritual, after the Kasi Yaatra, the couple is seated on a beautiful adorned swing, decorated with flowers and ornaments and is swung […]

Wedding Gown Secrets – Wedding Gown Designers

  Every bride dreams of sashaying down the aisle in a gorgeous white wedding gown! Tamarind Weddings has networked with some of the best wedding gown designers in Kochi to find out what the young bride has to keep in mind when ordering her wedding dress! Saif Hamza, Director at La Tiara, Kochi, says, “Two main things that one should consider when designing a wedding gown is the height of the bride and the materials she uses to accentuate herself. The gown can create an illusion of height for the bride. For a woman who is short, lowering of the […]