Monthly Archives: February 2013

Colour of the Year – Green !

Green is a colour synonymous with life and vibrancy.  Theme weddings based on colour are nowadays gaining prominence in many countries. In India, the usage of colour as a theme for weddings is evolving from traditional red and gold to more exotic shades such as purple, turquoise and yellow. The colour of the year – Green – is best suitable for garden weddings wherein the shades mesh with the natural surroundings. Green comes in shades of emerald, apple, sage, lime and forest. These shades differ considerably in creating an impact on the ambiance of the wedding. Green wedding décor consist […]

Saat Phere : The Seven Vows

Hindu weddings have long been considered as events deeply rooted in history and tradition. Across the country, Hindus believe their God is the holy fire, the Agni, who solidifies their marital happiness upon performing certain devout rituals. These rituals have their roots in ancient Hindu mythology. As holy as the rite itself, are the promises that the couple make to each other. Hindu tradition believes that the couple in the presence of the Agni should voice seven promises to each other during the wedding ceremony. These seven promises are known as the “Saat Phere”. The Saat Phere, also known as […]