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Magic in Frames – Wedding Photography!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and on your wedding day, you would want your pictures to say your entire story. Wedding photography is all about saying this story through the lens! Wedding photography is an art. The artist views the wedding as a canvas of opportunities! With the click of his camera, he creates photographic memories of a lifetime! They say the perfect photographer can bring out the beauty in any situation. Particularly in wedding photography, the photographer has a prime role in enhancing the stills and images created at the wedding. Wedding photography has progressed considerably from […]

Top Destination Wedding Venues in Kerala!

Kerala has some of the best destination wedding venues in India! Pristine beaches, coconut tree laden shores and beautiful locations make Kerala to be one of the best destination wedding venues in the country!     Links to the best destination wedding venues in Kerala are : The Leela, Kovalam : Ramada Resort : Kumarakom Lake Resort : The Raviz, Kollam : Vythiri Village : The Zuri : Kadavu Resort : or contact us at

Wedding Sweets – Forever So Sweet!

At the heart of every Indian is the undying love for sweets! As passed on by our ancestors, we strongly believe in the tradition of having something sweet before beginning a new venture: Shub Aarambh, as we call it! So it only comes naturally that the great Indian wedding is going to be a celebration of sweets! Serving sweets at Indian weddings is a must all over the country. From hands full of ladoo to milk peda to bowls of rasagullah, the amount of sweets passing through every wedding is huge!! Silver platters with mountains of coloured mithai, large bowls […]

Destination Wedding Series: Wedding in Alappuzha

Richard and I have always had an eye for uniqueness and design. With him running his own art studio in Manhattan and I pursing interior designing, our marriage was not only a unison of two minds, but also of two artists. In our mind’s eye, we wanted a wedding which would reflect our choice of expression. So we started…  globe-trotting! Our search brought us to Tamarind Weddings, one of the leading wedding management companies in India. Their quick and prompt service in suggesting great wedding destinations in the country impressed us. Our search ended in the lovely tropical land of […]