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Designer Wedding Cakes! – Baked Delights!

Somebody very correctly said, “Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!” Any celebration would be incomplete without the cake! On your special day, Tamarind Weddings is going to make sure that you have an unforgettable celebration! Let us wow you with our exclusive offering : Designer Wedding Cakes! Designer wedding cakes are exquisitely done cakes with customized design. Designer wedding cakes have great appeal at parties and receptions due to their unique representation. […]

Destination Weddings Series: The Himalayan Wedding!

Destination Weddings are much in vogue these days. They are what every couple would dream of having for themselves – an exclusive wedding party in an exotic location, giving them lifetime memories! Destination Weddings are all about creating an exclusive ambience in a far off place, designed to enchant and wow the wedding party. The best of wedding destinations include the sun-kissed beaches of Hawaii, the Hollywood-style venues of Las Vegas, tropical Fuji, hillside castles in France and Italy, in gondolas in Venice, under the swirling northern lights of Ireland … and the like!  The very visual of a destination […]

Wedding Decorations -Centerpieces and Reception Table Decorations

How many times have you been to an elegant wedding and wished you could take the table centerpieces home? Nothing adds more sparkle and life to a reception or buffet table than a beautiful wedding decoration, and Tamarind Weddings brings you designer centerpieces that promise to be the center of attention at every table! You can coordinate the colors to match your décor and adorn your tables with magnificent themed wedding centerpieces your guests will want to take home!   For more Wedding Decorations and centerpieces – To see more table decor ideas : Like us : Please visit: to explore […]

Krishna Kumar & Gayathri Wedding

She is an angel gracing the Earth, draped in wedding bliss, walking softly on rose petals. On this day, she felt truly blessed. He welcomes this new beginning with a confident smile. He is charmed, by this woman, who has walked into his life. Krishnakumar and Gayathri exchanged their marital vows at the auspicious Guruvayur temple on 14th December, 2012. The holy bond secured by God stands testimony to family members who gathered around to pray for the couple.  The bride and bridegroom had a heavenly glow around them. The ceremonious beginning of their wedding day mellowed into a quiet […]

Winter Weddings

A winter wonderland wedding! – A familiar dream? It is no doubt one of the best times of the year to have your wedding! Not just because it is winter and the theme is already set, but because it is holiday season and you naturally have people from all over the world flying home! What better time to organize a wedding! Winter weddings are great in lands of snow where nature itself presents the best of natural adornments for the wedding. In the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the States, winter weddings are a great feast as the weather provides the […]

An Attire, so special…!

Weddings can be called a social necessity, because it is through the wedding that families are formed. It is through weddings that a society becomes bigger. This social necessity is being fulfilled as a religious duty.  The union of two person – two families, may it be in any culture or in any religion, is considered heavenly. Wedding day is supposed to be ‘the Big Day’ for the bride and the groom, especially, for the bride. She wants to look her best on that day. On the wedding day, the bride decks herself up in the best of traditional attires. […]

All I want for Christmas … is You! – A Christmas Wedding Tale!

Christmas is the season of togetherness and family. As December sets in, our hearts are filled with a sense of joy arising from the fact that Christmas is right around the corner! Open the windows and a chilled winter breeze wafts in! Take a walk by the church and listen to lively carols playing to the tune of your favorate Christmas rhymes! The streets are crowded with holiday shoppers in search if the best splurges of the season! Yes, Christmas cheer is in! Christmas season in itself offers the perfect theme for a wedding. Why so you ask? Christmas is […]

Wedding Shopping in Kochi

Brides and Grooms, welcome to Kochi, Kerala’s No.1 Shopping Destination! 44 kilometers from the Cochin International Airport, the city is nested comfortably between the districts of Alappuzha, Kottayam, Idukki and Thrissur and offers a great mix of culture and tradition from all over Kerala. Literally, at the heart of Kerala, Kochi city is considered to be the epitome of modern living. This modern city hosts the best of venues and stops for the wedding shopper’s delight! Think of Kochi, think of long yards of silk, draped around my-fair-lady mannequins, or stacked up in cupboards in shades of deep red, maroon, […]

Kerala Marriage Traditions

Weddings are always the most joyous, perhaps, the most celebrated events in Kerala. It is the coming together of not just the bride and the bridegroom, but the knotting of two families, and the joy of this hymeneal knot being celebrated by a hundred others. Hindu Wedding Hindus, who make up for over half of the population of the state, form the largest religious community in Kerala. For Hindu weddings, an engagement function is held before the marriage. In this function there will be prayers from Vedas. Poojas will be conducted in front of a sacred fire. The bride will be gifted […]

The Cochin Carnival

Kochi is a beautiful city in the state of Kerala, South India. The port city has long been a favourate destination for explorers, traders and seafarers. From time to time, this region has witnessed successive waves of migration by the Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese, who came here mainly for the purpose of trade. Their presence and influence on the Kochi of today called is not only visible in the numerous forts, churches and palaces dotting the city, but also in its lifestyle and demography. Major attractions in the city are the walkway of Marine Drive, the Mattacherry Synagogue, the […]